Friday, December 14, 2007

Work In Progress

Now is the time for members of the New Middle Aged Group – those in their fifties and sixties first to start taking advantage of a New Era In Living.

New Era Living is the practice of Disease Prevention, Personal Longevity Training, and Health Care Management. These three things together can help you feel, look, and act younger.


Includes guidance on recommended lifestyle changes, behavior modification, risk identification, fitness evaluations, and genetic predispositions.


Consists of a Seven Step program of nutritional balancing, stress reduction, proper hygiene, social relationships, and planning to control your cravings and addictions.


Provides treatment options, best care practices, home health care, rehabilitation, after care, and daily monitoring for those that are recovering from an illness.

It is the intention of the New Middle Aged Group to develop and provide such a program for all our members and we would appreciate your feedback as we propose various subjects for inclusion in the overall program. Please feel free to suggest anything you would like to see included in the program.

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