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Members of the New Middle Aged Group are just as prone to suffer excess stress as any other age group. Stress can reduce longevity and looking, acting, and feeling younger.

1. ANALYZE YOUR STRESS – What puts you in a stressful state? Is it the
constant need to make decisions you will be held accountable for? Is it the fast pace of your job or business? Is it the lack of a friendly social environment? Do you feel alone and without real friends you can trust. Do you question if you are up to achieving your goals? If so, take comfort, you are not alone.

2. THINK POSITIVELY – You would not have accomplished all that you have if
weren’t excellent at what you do. If your superiors are letting you make the decisions,
they must be confident you know what you are doing. Maybe your peers are just as
lonely as you are, and worried that they can’t really trust you. All the long hours you
you are putting in will probably result in a promotion.

3. WHEN IT DOESNT WORK OUT – Remind yourself that you have dealt with
Setbacks before and overcame them. Remember that you always have options. You
Don’t have to stick to the same course. You can go to where your more appreciated.
You have the ability to do whatever you set your mind to and you have proved it.
Most important, try and remember that this is not the end of the world, its just a
Temporary setback.

4. REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVEL – Make a conscious effort, now that you
know what conditions create a stressful environment for you, to learn to adapt to
these special situations. Where possible, decrease the incidence of situations and conflicts that create high stress for you. Learn to stop taking everything so seriously. Remember, you always have time to change what you are doing and the decisions that you are making. Learn to slow down a little bit. All the problems you face can await a solution for a little more time. Ask yourself, is this really worth getting stressed out over. Approach situations with humor, it helps to defuse stressful situations. Avoid unnecessary business interactions when you know they will create conflicts. You don’t have to do it all right now; the business and the world will wait. Most importantly learn to pace yourself and to recognize when you are reaching a high level of stress so that you can slow down and avoid burnout.

The following is a list of ten easy steps to follow to reduce your stress level:

1. Reward yourself, if you don’t have a positive concept of your own worth how
can you expect other people to recognize how accomplished you are.
2. Exercise – It is natures best tranquilizer, even stretching will help.
3. Nutrition – Select the best foods, vitamins and minerals. A good diet helps combat the effects of stress.
4. Control Conflict, by taking a relaxed approach to disagreements with your peers.
5. Get Enough Sleep - It’s the best way to let your body recover and regenerate itself from the negative effects of stress
6. Humor – Having a sense of humor helps relax you. It is hard to stay tense and stressed when you are laughing or joking around with your peers.
7. A Good Cry - Its okay to vent your emotions once in a while, don’t be embarrassed it is not a sign of weakness. Definitely worth it if it helps reduce stress levels.
8. Mini Vacations – Are a great way to avoid burn out and reduce stress. Try and get away on the weekends with non-business friends.
9. Ready To Burst – Try taking a minute to practice deep breathing, close your eyes and try and think of your favorite vacation like a sunny beach with cool waters lapping at your feet.
10. Stop Worrying – It won’t help. It just increases your stress level. Try and take
your mind off what is bothering you. Remember its not just power you crave but
acceptance and peace of mind.

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