Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Middle Aged Group Staying Young Ideas

How can you beat aging? Jack Lalanne, the exercise guru, at 90 had more stamina than the typical 20-year old. So while there is no fountain of youth, you certainly don’t have to grow old as fast as most people do. Let’s take a look at some staying young ideas.

1. Stay Active – Mental, social, spiritual, and physical activity are all ways to “use it or lose it.” Just don’t sit around. Do something.

2. Develop the proper attitude – Hatred and anger induce illness and aging. Rather than dwell on past hurts, rather than blame other people, rather than whine and complain, look for what you can do that is positive. It will make you feel so much better.

3. Try and exercise – Weight-bearing exercise signals the bones to store calcium and helps prevent osteoporosis. Exercise pumps blood through your system, giving youth making oxygen to all your cells. The right exercise can strengthen your back so you can have youthful posture and the strength that goes with it.

4. Proper nutrition will – help you look and feel better. Eat six small meals a day to level out your blood sugar. Lay off sugar and hydrogenated oil. Eat carbohydrates at breakfast and after physical exertion. When you eat out, eat only half the meal portion. When you have a steak share it with a friend.

5. Rest can make you stay young – did you know that a person who is 20% sleep deprived has the mental acuity of a person who is legally intoxicated? Try and get the proper amount of sleep. Eight hours is a good goal to shoot for.

These are just some of the basics, but if you will follow them you can be younger. You can fight aging. All you need is the discipline to follow the plan.

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