Friday, December 7, 2007

New Middle Aged People Come Together

In response to another article I had written about working at home for people in their fifties and sixties, I got a number of comments that others felt the same way about starting new careers and were using the Internet to do so. They seemed to be very happy to see that someone else held opinions similar to theirs and was attempting to do the same thing.

Then it struck me that there must be a lot of people out their who are struggling with retirement and the wish to stay active, continue earning a living, and do something worthwhile and creative with their lives.

It can seem pretty lonely when suddenly the job you have been doing for many years is no longer there, when you no longer have an office to go to, and when your normal daily work routine suddenly stops.

It would be nice to know that many other people are going through the same type of lifestyle altering events. It would be nice to know what other people are doing to deal with this major change in their lives, how they are creating new careers, and what they are doing to stay active and do something constructive.

To today’s active new middle-aged group retirement no longer means no longer working. It means changing the nature of the work that you do. It means finding a new direction. It means taking charge of your life.

Sometimes starting a new career can be the opportunity to follow your own special interests that you may not have had the ability to concentrate on before. Sometimes it means being able to work at your own pace from your own home. Sometimes it gives you the luxury to be free to do whatever you feel called upon to do.

No one can force you into retirement. No one make you do or not do something. You have reached a stage in your life where you can live life on your own terms.

Maybe what we need to do is to start a community of like-minded people who consider themselves part of the new middle-aged group and are ready to start a new career. Maybe we can help each other find the answers we are searching for together as we make a fresh start.

If you would like to help build a community for the new middle-aged group, and
or To learn how to make a new beginning, work at home, and start over, and to look, feel, and act younger please access

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