Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dreaming Up A New And Better World

It’s not that I’m tired or bored or unhappy with the world we live in, it’s just that I’m aggravated because I think we could do so much better.

Every time I turn on the TV and hear about congress or the administration proposing some program that will cost us or our children money they can’t afford to spend, I start dreaming about living in a world that wouldn’t make all these mistakes and wouldn’t put our families and us at risk.

I have so many ideas to make things better that I think would cross party lines. Maybe you have ideas too that can help us create a better Country and world to live in.

To start with I would like to change election to both houses of Congress to run for only one year. If our elected representatives can’t do something in our best interests in a year than why should we trust them to ever get anything right? One year, they perform, or they’re out.

Both houses of congress must vote by a two thirds majority in favor of any bill including spending money or raising or lowering taxes or changing or creating any entitlement program before it can become law, and presidential vetoes in these cases are out.

If congress sits frozen and can’t enact any needed legislation like the budget, a twelve person citizens committee elected by Internet vote on five days notice to the public will have the people’s power to make the necessary decisions by fifty percent vote or by national Internet referendum if they can’t make up their minds.

On the international front:

No country in the world should be allowed to create a trade deficit. Either we trade even or else we stop trading when we reach an imbalance and learn to rely on our own resources both natural and man-made.

We will not purchase any goods made with child labor or products manufactured in foreign countries to obtain lower labor costs.

We will not go to war or fight on foreign soil for nation building purposes, or to bring our culture of democracy to anyone, but only to protect out national security interests in defense of our nation.

Let’s go viral with our new world. Let’s build a better place to live in for our families and for ourselves. Let’s try and preserve our democracy, our freedom, and the principles of our constitution that made this Country great.

Hi. I’m Arthur Levine, the author of the novel Johnny Oops. I’m sure a lot of you have even better ideas. Please add them to the comment section and we will use them as part of a revised article. Let’s go viral on

Friday, July 31, 2009

AARP Doesn't Represent Seniors Best Interests

I think I will cancel my membership to AARP and encourage others to do so. They take money from United Health care to promote private Medicare insurance Supplements and Advantage plans while backing Obama's health care reforms, which are going to take away advantage plans and our doctors and our benefits. They do not represent Seniors. They should be doing just the opposite of what they are doing. We need a new administration at AARP. This one doesn't represent our best interests.This administration has their own agenda and it doesn't protect Seniors. We should form a new organization that does protect the best interests of Seniors.

This part is an open letter to AARP. We are not stupid. We know what you are doing and a lot of pretty talk won't make your sellout of our interests any less reprehensible. Plenty of Seniors feel as I do and we will take action.

Arthur Levine

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Senator:

Please feel free to send this article on to your congressmen if you agree.

I don't know why you and your fellow senators, plus our so-called Congressional representatives think you can legislate healthcare reform when Congress is unable to balance the nation's budget or refrain from ludicrous legislation such as Cap and Trade, which is really another tax on all of us, and nothing more.

Forcing people to acquire a healthcare plan according to your whims or face a fine is also just another form of taxation.

Before you try to legislate my health insurance or lack thereof, before you impinge on my right to acquire the healthcare insurance I choose or not, I suggest you and the rest of Congress round up the twenty million plus illegal aliens in this country and send them home and see what kind of savings are realized in doing so. California's budget problems might actually get closer to be solved. I also suggest you and Congress get off your lazy assets and close the loophole in the immigration laws that allows an illegal alien to "pop" over the border at the last minute and give birth, thus enabling the immediate family to be eligible for the many free services this country offers to our poorer, yet LEGAL citizens. See what kind of money can be saved by doing this, not only in healthcare but also in educational service, etc., before you and Congress think of taxing the American People yet again with your "healthcare reform."

Another thing I think you and Congress ought to do is make English the national language and thus do away with any state's need to post signage in up to six different languages. Again, California might save some money by not having to print so much signage. Why not stick up for your own country once instead of buying into the "hate America" rhetoric spewing from the White House. I am not ashamed of my country, not in the least. But I am ashamed of its leaders.

I will also tell you I am sick and tired of taxes labeled as something else in the hopes the American People are dumb enough not to see past the subterfuge. I am sick of the games Congress is playing with our money and the wasted time in salaries we and our hard work provide for you. My ROI (return on investment) in Congress and the White House appears to be nil.

I suggest the whole of Congress, and the White House, get its fiscal house in order before attempting yet again to stick its hands in my pockets or legislate my or any other American's behavior through taxation.

You are shooting yourselves in the foot by ignoring the hue and cry of the American People. The Sleeping Giant is waking from its American Dream to this ongoing National Nightmare that Congress is allowing to happen and there will be consequences for you and your Congressional buddies should you persist in taxing and spending our children and their children's future.

Guest Blog by:

Mari L. Bushman

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Isn't AARP Protecting The Elderly?

Why isn't AARP doing more to protect the elderly from losing their benefits under Medicare? Why aren't they even attempting to protect their own constituency?

When Obama doesn't answer the question about what do you do when an elderly patient needs a hip replacement because he or she is going to die any way, where is AARP?

Where is AARP when the President talks about taking away hundreds of billions of dollars of benefits from Medicare recipients and cutting doctor's fees?

Where is AARP? Why do we bother paying fees to an organization that is sitting on the sidelines when it comes to protecting the elderly and saying nothing.

The millions of us on Medicare should remember who is taking away our benefits the next time we vote.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. President, Please Don’t Take My Medicare Insurance Away

Just because I’m a Senior Citizen doesn’t mean you should write me off in favor of a younger generation who never worked for the benefits you are trying to transfer from me to them.

If I need a hip operation, please don’t deny me because I’m old and going to die anyway.

If I need a knee replacement, please don’t tell me with the time I have left I can limp around or use a cane or a wheel chair.

Who are you and your Congressmen henchmen to decide when I do or don’t need an MRI that might detect a problem that could save my life?

What happened to us all getting insurance that is as good as the health insurance that members of congress have?

Why are you trying to take our benefits away?

Why are you trying to make it unprofitable for our doctors to give us the care we need?

Why are you doing this to us?

Do you think we’re disposable?

Do you think we won’t notice what you’re doing?

Do you think we don’t care?

Do you think we don’t vote?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Is Medicare At Risk From National Health Care?

The money to fund a new National Healthcare System is going to have to come from someplace. The cost is estimated in some circles at over 1.3 trillion dollars over ten years. Some estimate the cost as much more. Most Government entitlement programs have a history of costing more than projected.

The Obama administration plans to partially offset this cost by saving 117 billion dollars over ten years on Medicare expenses. This will result in a decrease in the services covered by Medicare as doctors and hospitals leave a system that no longer pays them adequately.

A decision has evidently been made that the elderly are going to die anyway so why bother giving them the quality of healthcare that could prolong their lives. Don’t you think your life is worth saving/?

What are the elderly going to do to protect their medical insurance benefits? Will they protest these proposed changes? Will they contact their Senators and Congressmen to evidence their dissatisfaction and back it up at the ballot box in the 2010 interim elections? Will AARP finally come off their neutral stand and back up their members? Will Seniors organize to protect their benefits and access to their doctors?

Then there is the Administration’s current position that they will force doctors who accept Medicare to accept a new proposed Government backed insurance carrier. This will only result in driving more doctors out of the system that accepts Medicare. There is already a movement by a number of doctors to stop accepting Medicare recipients because of poor payment conditions. And as part of the Administrations program to take benefits from Seniors, they are going to try and eliminate the private insurance companies that offer additional benefits to us over our basic Medicare plan. Who is going to make up the difference to us – Medicare?

Has the Democratic Party written off the elderly voter? Do they think they can get away with taking away our benefits to pay for the uninsured? Is this the kind of new National health Care system that you want? Do you want your hard earned health care benefits redistributed to others? Wake up Seniors. It’s time to take a stand and protect your interests. It’s time to find your voice and tell the powers that be that you are not going to take losing your benefits without them losing your vote.

Who gives the current Administration the right to say you don’t need a particular medical treatment because you are going to die any way?

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Depression Aging

This economy can age you prematurely if you let it. Stop listening to the doom sayers and get out there and do something.