Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The New Middle Aged – Their Faith, Politics, And Instincts

Surprise, a very unofficial, unscientific poll I just took among a group of my poker playing buddies indicates that the New Middle Aged Group (Those in their fifties and sixties) are split in their political leanings pretty much along the same lines as the national electorate of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

As far as having faith in God and a high degree of Spiritualism is concerned, there is no divide. People of all political persuasions appear to have faith except of course for the Atheists.

This statistically corrupt information only begs the fact that there are a lot of politics going on in the name of faith. And this applies especially to people in their fifties and sixties who in their own minds no longer have any margin for error left even if it is plus or minus three percent as the polling pundits will tell you.

Make no mistake about it, there is a tug of war going on for the political allegiance of people of all faiths, but the New Middle Aged Group are standing their ground. They are refusing to be swayed by the puffed up pitches and rhetoric of all the major political parties. They have seen and heard this all before.

The New Middle Aged Group prefers to rely on their instincts and their faith to guide them in making political decisions. That’s how they managed to get to this stage in their life to begin with without falling prey to disaster.

As far as the faith part goes, they all started with some faith in God and this has only grown over the years as the specter of their own mortality becomes increasingly present in their minds.

You might wonder why this is the topic for conversation when so much of what we know is a given. The truth is that every one wants their vote. That’s right, the older and supposedly wiser heads, those baby boomers and their ilk, are respected, adored, and courted for their vote

It’s enough to make one wonder what all the fuss about getting older is if every one wants what this hardy group of people in their fifties and sixties have: the wisdom to make sound decisions, the stamina to live longer healthier lives, the desire and ability to make the right choices and of course their precious votes.

I say let’s spend our time trying to figure out how to join this august group instead of fighting getting older. That’s what I vote for. How about you?

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