Friday, July 31, 2009

AARP Doesn't Represent Seniors Best Interests

I think I will cancel my membership to AARP and encourage others to do so. They take money from United Health care to promote private Medicare insurance Supplements and Advantage plans while backing Obama's health care reforms, which are going to take away advantage plans and our doctors and our benefits. They do not represent Seniors. They should be doing just the opposite of what they are doing. We need a new administration at AARP. This one doesn't represent our best interests.This administration has their own agenda and it doesn't protect Seniors. We should form a new organization that does protect the best interests of Seniors.

This part is an open letter to AARP. We are not stupid. We know what you are doing and a lot of pretty talk won't make your sellout of our interests any less reprehensible. Plenty of Seniors feel as I do and we will take action.

Arthur Levine

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