Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Senator:

Please feel free to send this article on to your congressmen if you agree.

I don't know why you and your fellow senators, plus our so-called Congressional representatives think you can legislate healthcare reform when Congress is unable to balance the nation's budget or refrain from ludicrous legislation such as Cap and Trade, which is really another tax on all of us, and nothing more.

Forcing people to acquire a healthcare plan according to your whims or face a fine is also just another form of taxation.

Before you try to legislate my health insurance or lack thereof, before you impinge on my right to acquire the healthcare insurance I choose or not, I suggest you and the rest of Congress round up the twenty million plus illegal aliens in this country and send them home and see what kind of savings are realized in doing so. California's budget problems might actually get closer to be solved. I also suggest you and Congress get off your lazy assets and close the loophole in the immigration laws that allows an illegal alien to "pop" over the border at the last minute and give birth, thus enabling the immediate family to be eligible for the many free services this country offers to our poorer, yet LEGAL citizens. See what kind of money can be saved by doing this, not only in healthcare but also in educational service, etc., before you and Congress think of taxing the American People yet again with your "healthcare reform."

Another thing I think you and Congress ought to do is make English the national language and thus do away with any state's need to post signage in up to six different languages. Again, California might save some money by not having to print so much signage. Why not stick up for your own country once instead of buying into the "hate America" rhetoric spewing from the White House. I am not ashamed of my country, not in the least. But I am ashamed of its leaders.

I will also tell you I am sick and tired of taxes labeled as something else in the hopes the American People are dumb enough not to see past the subterfuge. I am sick of the games Congress is playing with our money and the wasted time in salaries we and our hard work provide for you. My ROI (return on investment) in Congress and the White House appears to be nil.

I suggest the whole of Congress, and the White House, get its fiscal house in order before attempting yet again to stick its hands in my pockets or legislate my or any other American's behavior through taxation.

You are shooting yourselves in the foot by ignoring the hue and cry of the American People. The Sleeping Giant is waking from its American Dream to this ongoing National Nightmare that Congress is allowing to happen and there will be consequences for you and your Congressional buddies should you persist in taxing and spending our children and their children's future.

Guest Blog by:

Mari L. Bushman

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