Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. President, Please Don’t Take My Medicare Insurance Away

Just because I’m a Senior Citizen doesn’t mean you should write me off in favor of a younger generation who never worked for the benefits you are trying to transfer from me to them.

If I need a hip operation, please don’t deny me because I’m old and going to die anyway.

If I need a knee replacement, please don’t tell me with the time I have left I can limp around or use a cane or a wheel chair.

Who are you and your Congressmen henchmen to decide when I do or don’t need an MRI that might detect a problem that could save my life?

What happened to us all getting insurance that is as good as the health insurance that members of congress have?

Why are you trying to take our benefits away?

Why are you trying to make it unprofitable for our doctors to give us the care we need?

Why are you doing this to us?

Do you think we’re disposable?

Do you think we won’t notice what you’re doing?

Do you think we don’t care?

Do you think we don’t vote?

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