Monday, November 28, 2011

New Middle Aged Group Wants To Work From Home In Their Fifties And Sixties

People in there fifties and sixties are giving up the corporate rat race to work at home. Many of them are opting to start their own work at home businesses.

A lot of senior executives looking for an alternative to what they consider to be early retirement are starting their own home businesses on the Internet.

Similarly, but for different reasons, many former so called blue collar workers are looking to start their own online businesses as a protection against downsizing, the export of their jobs to foreign markets, and layoffs enabled by productivity increases.

The question is, is their room for everyone on the Internet? The answer is it depends on how well an individual plans for their new business.

These are some of the questions an individual should ask themselves when considering creating an online business:

1. Do I have the temperament to be on my own working on my own schedule?

2. Am I willing to devote the time and effort necessary to start a new business?

3. Do I have sufficient capital to cover myself during the initial period?

4. Are my health insurance needs covered by insurance?

5. Can I learn what I have to about running a Web site?

6. Do I have a worthwhile product or service to offer?

7. How much competition will I face?

8. Can I find a niche market where I can prosper?

9. Will my family and friends be supportive of my new endeavor?

10. Do I have the will and faith in my own abilities to persevere?

If you can answer all these questions positively then you stand a good chance of being successful in your new enterprise, but be aware that there are risks involved

There are ways to minimize your risk. You do not have to be a Web Master, learn html or hire an expensive Web site developer to put up your Web site.

There are many programs out there offering free affiliate type Web sites. The better ones have almost everything you will need to get started programmed in, and will allow you to develop and customize content so that your new Web site will be uniquely yours. It will allow you to develop your own branded identity while minimizing your efforts at Web development leaving you free to develop your product or service while you are selling other people’s products as an affiliate.

Be sure you only consider programs that allow you to have your own domain name otherwise you will be promoting someone else’s program rather than building your own future.

Delivering information on the Internet to the public provides an ever-growing market. You can develop your own info product in the form of E services or information products based on your particular area of expertise, interest, and or ability.

Take some time and analyze what you have to offer. Do you know what you are good at? The world may be waiting to hear from you.


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